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Silicon Probes for AFM (Atomic Force Microscope)

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M2N Scanning Probes are designed and fabricated for high resolution AFM measurement. The atomic force microscope(AFM) probes the surfaces of a sample with a sharp tip. The apex of the probe tip is typically less than 10nm. Tip has a tetrahedral shape and is located at the very end of the cantilever. that is 100 to 200um long. Forces between the tip and the sample surface cause the cantilever deflection as the tip is scanned over the sample, or the sample is scanned under the tip


  • Typical tip radius better than 10nm
  • High mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity


  • AFM Probing System


Parameter Tap Mode Multi Mode Contact Mode
Length 125um ± 10um 225um ± 2.5 um 450um ± 2.5um
Width 35um ± 5um
Thickness 4um ± 1um
Resonant Frequency 300kHz ± 100kHz 75kHz ± 25kHz 20kHz ± 7kHz
Spring Constant 40 N/m 3 N/m 0.9 N/m
Quality Factor 300(typical)
Tip Radius <15nm, 10nm typical
Tip Height 15 um ± 2.5 um

All data are typical values calculated with FEM method. All data are subject to change without further notice.