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Micro Prober with Heat Stage

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System Specification

Model K-160MPH/MWH K-162MA200H K-163MWG
function with Heat stage for Hole Effect measuring for  Hole Effect measuring
Sample Size Diameter Max.100 mm Rectangular Max.150 mm dia. 2 to 3 inches
Sample stage Temp. Normal t up to 300C above(Temp. controller) Normal t up to 150C above(Temp. controller)  
Sample stage Material   Fine Ceramic  
Magnetic force Variance   Exchange of magnet unit  
Magnetic direction Variance   Rotation of magnet unit  
Sample fixing method Vaccum absorption   Vaccum absorption(main cock)
Sample stage pulling Pulled toward operator up to 90 mm   Pulled toward operator up to 100 mm
Sample stage O axis displacement 360 +-10 fine adjustment  360 rough displacement
Sample stage X,Y axes displacement 40 mm, 500micro/turn in 5micro(MPH)
100 mm, 2mm/turn in 20micro(MWH)
200 mm, 2mm/turn 150 mm, 2mm/turn in 20micro
Sample stage Z axis displacement 10 mm(MPH)
No function(MWH)
Arm ring Z axis displacement 8 mm 70 mm, 2mm/turn 8 mm(manual lever,electromotive switch)
Hole effect measuring magnet to be arranged    
Card prove holder   4.5 inch type  
Arm ring Z axis fine adjustment Approx. 100 micro    
Microscope stage 24.5 mm dia. pole outer diameter 32 mm dia. pole outer diameter 24.5 mm dia. pole outer diameter
Dimensions 360W x 456D x 430H mm 620W x 700D x 500H mm 440W x 560D x 410H mm
Weight Approx. 19 kg Approx. 70 kg Approx. 40 kg